Saturday, October 31, 2009

A letter to my love

I can't do this, thought i could handle it still be with you when you obviously belong to another. You may be single in paper and in talk but in your heart i'm sure you know. Much as i've enjoyed every moment, much as i have nothing really to complain about the fact that you're not mine atleast not really means i can't be happy so i have to let you go. I need to move on.
So here's your moment, go get yourself together, take a couple of breaths tell her goodbye. I know it's hard to get over exes that's why i'm giving you time. If we are as amazing as we say, we'll pick it up when you're free to be mine, till then adios love. I'll miss you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Frustrate me..

Today has been such a strange day. Been in a terrible mood all day now i'm overly anxious to see my little sister just her face puts me in a good mood such a doll.

Anyway, back to my bad mood. After intense soul searching and evaluation i've discovered my major cause of the anger and boiling rage. What I discovered wasn't too pleasing considering i can't really change this "factor".

So my question is how do I change me so I can handle myself appropriately during this angry moments. Considering the source is actually a permanent fixture in my life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So today my sexy 11 boyfriend did me proud. Have to admit i was thoroughly tense before the game started but the moment the whistle went and the got that ball out in the field.. Smiley face. I'm exremely excited.
The bigger joy of it all ofcourse being that we were playing manchester united, a team i like most of the sane world hate so kicking their asses.. Words can't even explain.

Go liverpool!

Hallo happy

And like the true rollercoaster ride once you been down to the bottom the only way to go is up! :)
so if you haven't guessed it already this young lady is happy. Bouncing off walls type of happiness. It's such a good day. Got up early watched cartoons while having my breakey, prepared lunch for my family which had gone to church now i'm just chilling watching my baby sister play as i watch the news :)

Funny how contradictory my days have been in comparison to each other but i'm awefully glad that little nutty sadness thing is over.