Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

I constantly find myself awake at 2a.m, 3a.m reading blogs and website, tweeting or just staring at the wall (yes, I mean literally) I'd like to blame it on coffee or excess sugar and to be honest probability of them being the cause is high, but even without consumption of either of the above I still have trouble sleeping early.

I've considered jogging again thinking maybe the workout will relax me, but that's not happening again in awhile. I've tried listening to slow soothing music, but that just gets me angry at the sappiness of the lyrics or if i'm in a weird mood get's me depressed. I tried making myself really warm.. Uncomfortable and impossible to sleep. And today, I even came to bed at 8pm tonite hoping to sleep, it's 2:30a.m. That didn't work.

So now I resign to the fact that i'm norctunal. A child of the darkness - i mean that in the most non evil way possible.