Wednesday, January 13, 2010

loves fool

I want you to play
I need you to stay

I’ll sacrifice whatever
Simply for your pleasure

If it makes me your fool
Well baby, it’s cool

I can do anything
Just to have you

Let me show you
Allow me this chance

To be yours
Love you this once


Down comes the rain
Fazing out my sobs
Hiding all the pain
From weeks of missing you

There’s nothing I could do
No words left to say
I simply had to watch you walk away

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Insomnic rumbles

Lying in my bed listening to heavy metal wondering where all the time went. Just the other day I was 13 acting all crazy with my brother and now it's 11years gone, i'm 24 brotherless. Sigh

Where does it go?

We plan our days, schedule events, meetings, friends and family. Yet it still isn't enough.
If you really sit and think about it. Evaluate time.. I think you'd go crazy. Really.

Renovate Me!

It's so easy to complain isn't it? Tear apart each moment of the day, picking at every little thing that went wrong.
Such an easy fete, blaming the world for our pain - my pain. Taking no responsibility for the failures and distructive paths we may have chosen along the way.

It reaches a point though, a place between falling apart and moving forward.
A little intersection.

I'm at that point, that place that intersection.

I choose wisdom,
i'm taking charge of me,
no more nonesense excuse.

What about you?