Friday, October 23, 2009

again, again

Been staring at the computer for the past couple of hours going through website after website looking searching so desperately for this oh so elusive jobs. i never thought it would be so hard ro get one. when you're employed everything feels so monotonous and exhausting but once you're out in the world your bank account running on empty it's easy t\and oh so clear how important this employment thing really is.
can't believe I've stayed home so long, figured in a couple of weeks I'd be back in with the rest of the working world but seems not to be the case. so i take a deep breath and and pray for the best hope this time will be the one. it's not so easy though when you have held yourself to such high standards. not easy at all when you see all the needs the family has and how helpless it makes you feel.
anyway I'll get back to my job hunting, the job won't find itself.

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