Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad miss good samaritan...

So yesterday on my way home, I met this kid asking for money to go home. Just a little background on me I'm not really trusting... But I have a bitch of a conscience so after some questioning and staring the kid down for a bit I decided I'd get on the bus with him then pay at-least then I'd know for sure the money was going to transport right? so I payed for his transport to the city and I'd figured when we got there I'd leave him to figure the rest out but I looked at him and imagined me all stranded in a city where no one really trusts anyone or gives a flying you know what for that matter and I just couldn't leave him there. So I payed for his next trip, keep in mind I hadn't carried enough money yesterday for all of that (plus I had done some impulse this and thats).

So yes I paid the kids fare and there I was stranded myself.. Well not exactly. Twas quite interesting knowing if I didn't have options I'd have put myself in a real fix but I felt so much better knowing I didn't leave him marooned in the big bad city.

Makes me wonder though was I helping hm for him? Or for my own peace of mind?


  1. I don't know the answer to your question at the end but I know that you're a Great(wachana na Good) Samaritan.