Thursday, March 18, 2010

Destiny knocks too damn loud.

    I'm in a really strange mood today, i'm really happy cuz I have an opportunity to start something new and fresh, feels like the time for me to do what I've always dreamt has come (the what will be revealed when the time comes) yet on the other hand I feel this deep sadness like something has died, like I've just lost something.

    I would like to concentrate on the positive be happy that I've been here seen what I've seen and embrace the future with a big smile o my face but it's so ad to pretend that change doesn't scare me. to pretend that failure, doesn't scare me cuz it does. I face my future afraid.. who does that? Oh everyone lol!! I've kept pushing this forward for so long but now I realize you can't run away from your destiny.

   It's hilarious how you can envision something all your life but never do it not because the opportunity to doesn't arise but because you are too darn chicken to get off your you know what and make the dream a reality.

   I've decided, today to open that door, hope the grim reaper isn't on the other side.

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